Conclusion of Science and Technology

As the topic of science and technology has not ended, so there can’t be a real conclusion given for it. Unless use of it is stopped totally we can’t come to a solid conclusion or a fix result. As much conclusion we give out, none of them will be correct unless it is aborted. If we have to give a real conclusion on it then we should try to stop its use and after being done so it can be concluded. We are the one who can give a real conclusion on it since we are only its user and we get both advantage as well as disadvantage from it.
The conclusion we get from all above paragraphs is that the more use of it will create more disturbances on us and our environment. So, we should it only in emergency when the work is not possible by us. We should keep its use as a side on so that it does’t affect us in big way. We should develop our self as we were before without science and technology.
If we look to our past then our ancestors survived without any means of science and technology. Without those things they were able to survive for more than 80 years or so. This was so because the environment in which they lived was pure and pollution free. But now due to the presence of scientific and technological things, we are not able to survive more than 70 years or so. So we can see that its presence has gasped our one decade.
From all above paragraph we can conclude that the prevailing of science and technology has not only harmed us but also has decreased our life expectancy. Sometime more use of it can cause sudden death to ones life. Half of our total lifetime is destroyed if it is used to a big purpose.
We should come to a conclusion that if it can’t be fully stopped then its use in unnecessary times should be stopped so that its harm can be decreased. That’s all what we should conclude and keep in our mind to save this world from being globalized and make it pure, without any type of disturbance and pollutions.


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