Advantages of Science and Technology

Science and technology has its own great advantages. It has such advantages which can even help us to establish life in other planets. It is carrying the advantages which have helped us to revive our life style and also the physical environment in which we live.
Science and technology has also turned our life to a great extent. We are getting advantage to small as well as big extent by scientific and technological things. These have now become our need. Its presence is too much useful for us, even more useful than our presence. We are the only one who get all over advantages of science and technology.
Some of advantages of science and technology are as follows-:

Invention of mobile is advantageous to us in sense that we can talk to from any part of the world. Such mobiles have developed that we can see the person to whom we are talking. This is known as video calling. It is also one of great advantages of science and technology to us. Finding of internet is also advantageous to us in the way that what we want can easily be searched on website.
The above mentioned advantages have not only helped us but also these have great impact on our life. These advantages have made our life too much easier and faster. So, faster that we can’t even think of wasting few seconds sitting idle and this is the main advantage we have gained from science and technology.
The advantages of science and technology is too much helpful for us and is also more useful to them who know its right use. Its advantages are like god gift to we human beings. We shouldn’t even think of using it in negative purpose. Its should be used in such way that all of us will be benefited.


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